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I Voted


I got to my polling place, St. Michael's Catholic Church, at 6:35 this morning and the polls opened at 7:00. When I got there I was 5th in line. By the time I got in at 7:00 the line stretched out the door and down the sidewalk. By the time I left the parking lot was full and it looked like there were well over 100 people waiting to vote.

There's a wonderful fraternity of people who get up early to vote. Everyone there was excited and chatted happily about how our precinct has one of the highest voter turnouts in the nation.

And now I get to look forward to awaiting the returns tonight.


Brett and I both voted early. I was gonna wait until today, so I could take the kids with me, the way my parents did (civics lesson and all that). But our polling place has changed from a school to a union office, a small building with very little parking. I didn't think I could deal with parallel parking in a ditch and standing in line for an hour or so with squirrelly kids. Brett was supposed to be on call this week, so we both voted 2 wks ago--for Obama. We're planning to order Chinese and have a little family party tonight while the returns come in.

You look good in "I voted."

Thanks on the MPR story. As far as Milo voting for McCain, he did (after all) "chang-ed his mind." The other day he wore a suit to school and said he was "John McCain." Dancing to his own beat that boy. Let's not forget he was a Lake Superior Buoy for Halloween.

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