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Election Central - London Road

10:09 - We're watching live coverage from the BBC online with a feed from Grant Park and commentary by Ted Koppel.

10:01 - NPR just called the election for Obama!

9:59 - We are waiting for the polls to close in California and for the presidential election to be called.


8:31 pm - Hey Dan! Ohio was just called for Obama! I'm filling it in blue! A shout out to Joyce and Mary Ellen in Dayton... Blue Ohio!


8:08 pm - We continue to fill the map in. I got called by MPR to contribute to a story that's going to be aired tomorrow morning. Don't know if the interview will be used or not.

Update: Here's the MPR piece that was aired Nov. 5, 7:25 am.


6:27 pm - We've been making cookies and coloring in an electoral map I printed from online. So far Simon has colored Kentucky red and Vermont blue. Emma is pulling up election related SNL clips on Hulu on her computer and I'm listening to MPR on mine. No cable here at election central, but the wifi is pumping!



Too fun! The kids are in bed now. They stayed up for awhile and read the numbers for us. Paul wondered why we couldn't go up to Chicago (they love Chicago). Gonna pop some popcorn. I tell ya, it's been nice having Indiana get this much attention.

The fun just never stops with this election! It's kind of like watching an adrenaline pumping horse race here in Indiana. It's totally neck in neck!

Cheryl, we've been watching the county by county breakdowns of Indiana here at election central with wonder and amazement. Even if Indiana goes for McCain, it's incredibly close!

I think that Obama has finally won Indiana--but it's 50-49%. Our county (Vigo) went for Obama, which is actually a little surprising, but good. I'm really glad.

Oops! Forgot to add--if they do use your interview, can you post a link to it tomorrow?

If Indiana went for Obama, I'd be amazed. So amazed. If they do use a clip of me I'll post it if I can.

Leah, Tim Post did quote me in the text article MPR did on Minnesota results. If it makes the air, I'll see if I can post the clip.

Actually, I'm not surprised that Indiana went for Obama. We've started to have some economic growth under Mitch Daniels, and once the economy started to tank, people really started to gravitate to Obama, even when they were concerned with abortion issues (which often just predetermines votes here). Also, there are so many people here with family in the military (including us), who want them to come home, and are not thrilled with the prospect of going to war with anyone else--Obama appeals to these people. His numbers started to climb here as the economy fell, and the only reason, I think, that he lost some ground at the end was the way the McCain camp was able to make that "share the wealth" comment sound like socialism. That's just one of those words that freaks people out, even if they would benefit, and even though we already have some socialistic aspects to government. So it was close, but you can see by the map that the bigger college counties pulled through for Barack.

Good quote. I think you're definitely right. People seem to forget that part of the high mfg costs here are due to workers' desire for excellent health care benefits, and the high cost of the same. It's very easy to blame "Wall Street fat cats," but this has been brewing for 30 yrs or more. When we lived in Connersville, I was amazed to see workers--who knew their plant was headed for the chopping block--still striking for wage and benefit increases. Yet at the same time, I know they didn't have that miracle kind of insurance that people did in the golden days of auto mfg here. Our current system truly sucks, and I hope that Obama remembers that reforming health care will (after missteps and birth pangs) impact the economy in a positive way--create jobs, bring jobs back , and keep jobs from leaving. Ok, been blabbing a lot. Gotta get to work.

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