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Aebleskivers - A Photo Essay


My kids and I made aebleskivers today as a project for Simon's cultural awareness class. It's a kind of Danish pastry and, somehow, an aebleskiver pan fell into my possession somewhere along the road. I didn't even know what it was until Heather was helping me unpack last June. So when Simon had the assignment to make some sort of dish that we had never tried before, Heather suggested aebleskivers.


This post made my day! I have a friend with a little aebleskivers business so suddenly it feels like its everywhere. It's viral! Looks like you had a great time.

Um, actually, you guys look a little weirded out by the whole thing.... What's in it? Herring?

Hope you guys had a good time making aebleskivers. Couldn't tell if you stuffed them or not. Hope it was apple and not herring!

I posted the recipe we used. Instead of raspberries, though, we used some chokecherry preserves that Maria gave to us. It was quite tasty.

Dang, I was hopping for Grouper.

"Its Grouper babe."

Anyone know the movie this line was used in?

It's probably from Caddyshack, or Animal House, or A Fish Called Wanda or Reservoir Dogs or some other stoopid movie guys always quote from. What is it about guys and movie quotes, anyway? :)

Nope Leah this is more of a chick flick.

Think Kevin Norwood Bacon....

No idea.... The only Kevin Bacon movie I can think of off the top of my head is "Stir of Echoes." Oh wait, and then there's "She's Having a Baby," but I don't think I've seen that since before 1991. Is that it?

Yup.. "She's Having a Baby" is the one. I laugh everytime I see the movie. I have had some of the moments that Kevin goes through. It just tickles me.

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