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Cuthbert Burbage

We now have a cat and it seems that his name is Cuthbert Burbage.

Emma ascertained his name as we were bringing him home. It's an unusual name for a cat, but then again, we're an unusual family.

The original Cuthbert Burbage was the elder brother of Richard Burbage, and was one of the happy planets that settled into orbit around the shining star of William Shakespeare. Cuthbert, in particular, had a large role in the construction of the Globe Theater.

Of course, cats don't always tell you their true names straight off. You sometimes have to wait for awhile for them to reveal their secret names. And then, even later, there are still more names to learn.

It's quite possible that Cuthbert was putting on airs in an attempt to impress his new benefactors, but he seems a sweet natured cat.


"Cuthbert Burbage" actually seems a name just made for a cat. Our cat's real name is "Jenny Anydots." Brett's mom found her, abandoned and pregnant, on her doorstep, and, after the kittens were born, gave her to Brett while he was in residency. He named her after a character in "Cats" (which I'm sure you all knew, but I didn't, not being all that into theatre). We call her "Jenny" sometimes, but she thinks her real name is "Kitty." When you call her "Jenny," she doesn't respond, but when you say "Kitty," her ears twitch. She will continue to ignore you, however, unless you appear to be headed towards her food bowl. She's now about 14 or 15, and still very spry and active. She's been a very good cat, especially seeing as I completely ruined her little kingdom, taking away her slave and proceeding to pop out 3 little monsters who demanded more attention, and had to learn how to pet her gently. She's been remarkably patient with them, and doesn't hold it against me...but maybe that's because I provide the food!

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