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I'm glad I didn't have to take a drink every time she said "Maverick"

Leah sent this to me (which she found on the swivet) and I had to post it.

If I were Tina Fey right now I'd be having an extreme crisis of conscience... "Do I vote my principles or my pocketbook? Because I could ride this gravy train for four years if she's elected!"

As it would happen, as I was posting this my girlfriend, Heather, who watched the debate with me, sent me the same flowchart.

For my naughty comment about the debate, read on...

During the debate Palin berated the Democrats for waving "the white flag of surrender" and proclaimed that we can't have an "early withdrawal" from Iraq. I told Heather that of course she wouldn't approve of early withdrawal because that would be Onanism!


I loved that one of the panelists on Weekend America said that he was amazed to find out that there was this new third party called the Maverick party which apparently consisted of 2 people.

I certainly did find Palin's answers wafer thin compared to Biden, but she didn't give the people rooting for her to fall on her face the pleasure either.

I'm no lover of the GOP, but weren't you a bit unnerved by all the excitement of the slaughter? Maybe I'm just a killjoy.

I hate seeing other people's cringeworthy moments. Still, I honestly don't see why people are so thrilled with Mrs. Palin. She's trying to replace actual knowledge with cheap shots. When she mentioned expanding the role of vice president? That was scary, and perhaps indicative of her ambitions. I was not a fan of Hilary Clinton (don't trust her--or Bill), but she is knowledgeable and experienced. She would probably have made an able president. Sarah Palin is a novice, and the fact that she took this nomination and seems to believe herself qualified for it, is indicative of her enormous ego (and lack of judgement). Plus, I'm sorry--it's nice to think that your average American has the common sense to make good national decisions, but really, it's not true, so appealing to all the "hockey moms" (who in the world are they? Why is this a voting bloc?) and "Joe sixpacks" (yeah, I want a heavy drinker in charge of policy) in that fashion just strikes me as patronizing and ridiculous. We can't be that easily manipulated, right? And I'll just put it out here where I can't shock everybody: although I believe that abortion is a horrible thing (sometimes necessary, but always horrible), I can't make political decisions based soley on a candidate's position on that issue, or his/her personal decisions in that matter.

OK. Take a breath.
Before he picked Palin, I paid attention to John McCain. I wanted to make a real decision, and he really merited a close look, even though I found Obama's professorial, diplomatic approach more appealing. But when he picked Palin, when there were plenty of other qualified Republicans, male and female, out there, it made me wonder if he has reached the age where his decision-making abilities have started to go. He would have been a better choice 8 yrs ago. I can't imagine what Obama would have to do to force me to vote GOP.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

SARAH PALIN - I may not answer the questions the way that the moderator might like to hear them, but the way that I know Joe Sixpack and the hockey moms want to hear it. I can see both sides of the road from my house. But what's important is that we not look backward to where the chicken has been, also to look forward and see that the chicken is a maverick who was bold and a real hero for going against his own flock.

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