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George Carlin died last night and I was reminded of his "Stuff" routine as I'm closing on my new home today. I've got a new place for my stuff! Feel free to come visit my stuff sometime.


I love "stuff." Congratulations on your new home! My prayer for you is that you can go about 5 yrs before something big has to be replaced. Seriously. Oh, and that nothing floods and requires you to remove a bunch of carpet which is in a stinking pile in the back yard and you pray that it's covered by insurance, but even if it is, the deductible is pretty high, so you are just going to seal what you can, paint the floor and buy cheap rugs at WalMart. Whew! Seriously--get you some flood insurance--both the govt kind, for acts of nature, and the other kind, for acts of storm sewers and water heaters and such. You'll be glad you did.

Congratulations! And have fun decorating!!!!!!!!!

Nice house lawrence! We're practically neighbors. Seriously, nice house! Welcome to Lakeside:)


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