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My New Home

daar138942.jpgAs of June 23 I will be residing at 5209 London Road in Duluth [satellite]. It's a beautiful house and I and the kids are very excited about taking up residence there. I'm hoping it will be our home for years and years, even decades, to come.


So gorgeous! I love it!

Congratulations! It looks really nice!

-- ygp Scotto

I've been coveting that house for the last couple weeks. Are you staying at your church? Because we've been kicking the idea around of visiting it.

And, obviously, congratulations!

Yes! I am in no way leaving my place of employment. Now that I have a big ol' mortgage I really really NEED that job.

And, of course, anyone is welcome to visit me at work. It's the nature of my job. My office hours are between 10:30 and 11:30 on Sunday mornings.

Wow! Just beautiful...it looks like a great house full of character for your houseful of characters! Seriously, I love the gorgeous hardwoods and built-ins and it just looks like "home" and not just a house, if you know what I mean. Congratulations to you all!

I couldn't agree more with Celia; this looks like you. May you all have many happy years there!

P.S.: Kinda reminds me of the house in Fort Wayne, too.

Hats off my friend - The kitchen is great (we will stay there when we visit)

And just as Ezra and I are contemplating the move to Two Harbors...

Congratulations! What a nice walk down to Lester River, too.
I can't help but be amused by how on my blog, I try to hide my identity somewhat. But you? You have the satellite image of your house. :)

As a pastor I'm used to being a public figure, Beverly. Everything is public anyway. Not hard to find out much about me if people take the time to drill down.

Jealous time! I love London Road and that house is adorable. Back on my "I want to move back home" kick...

Wow, it's gorgeous! Congrats!

It's lovely. Congratulations!

I live around the corner, on 58th and Superior. Welcome to the neighborhood! I'll stop by and bring you muffins or something when you move in :)

Congrats! Convenient location with the lake and the trails and shopping!

you could have a great surprise breakfast in that kitchen.

if you weren't 2000 and some odd miles away from me, i'd be over at least once a week.

maybe more.

i love san francisco... but it's nice to think of a town where you could buy a house with a yard. or buy a house at all for that matter.

hope to make it out for a visit one of these decades that you are living there. :)

Welcome to the neighborhood!

-Bret, Mayra, Braighe (dog) and Abby (cat)

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