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Moving In

I started moving in to my new home Tuesday and things went much better than planned. I had friends from Two Harbors with 5 trucks (one of which had a huge open bed trailer) show up at 10:30 and helped me move all the boxes and some of the small furniture. We showed up at the new house at 2:00 and plenty more of my Duluth friends were there to help unload. When I got to the new abode, take a look at what I found on my deck.

That's right, I have the bestest girlfriend in the universe. Heather and I went to Menard's a few weeks ago to get some garden things for her and while we were there I said we should look at lawnmowers and patio stuff for my new house, just for fun. We took some time looking at grills and debating the merits of coal vs. gas and so on. So on Tuesday, knowing my schedule, she bought one and put it together by herself (with a little help from her 5 year old daughter, Scout) on my back porch.

Yesterday Scout and Heather shared our first meal with Emma, Simon, and me in our new house. It was Chinese takeout, of course. Scout liked having the pink chopsticks (and even tried to use them). The fortune to the left is the one Emma got, but she decided it should be mine. I'm pleased with the progress we're making on the house so far. Emma and Simon both said how weird it is that it already feels like home.

Thanks to everyone who helped us move.


Congratulations, L! It's a joy to hear that things are going so well for you. I'm not surprised that it already seems like a home for all of you...the house seems to suit you so well, it's almost as if it picked you, instead of the other way around. Some things are just meant to be.

Congratulations! I've always loved moving! Make many wonderful memories in your new home!

may you have many happy geeky moments in your new lifepod.

Love the grill! Good work Heather!

Congrats on the new home! :)

Nice grill and good fortune. Congratulations on the move. Hope to see you around.

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