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Not that I'd ever sell it...

But it's nice to know this little project is worth something in hard currency. Coincidentally, that amount is close to what I need for the remainder of the downpayment on my new house. Could I trade my blog for a house? Hmmm... the mind boggles.


Sounds like the recent "South Park" episode: "10 Million Theoretical Dollars."

So....How do they figure that? The domain name? The amt of traffic? Quality of content? You could always sell ad space...or make us subscribe to "ironic1 premium" :) Seriously, though--if you could really get that and you need it, then sell the thing and start a new one. Who in the world buys blogs, though?

It's not a real amount. It's a formula based on traffic to your blog and how connected it is to the rest of the internet. The more traffic is driven to your blog, the more its estimated worth.

To cash in on this I'd have to start putting up ads which I'm loathe to do, though I have considered from time to time putting Google ads in the side bar.

But, as my son Simon wisely said, I'd rather have people like my blog than see ads and be annoyed.

Mine came up $11,000. Oooo.
I tried Google ads, but then I wrote about how I don't like it that the Barbie Happy Meal toys "sexualized young girls," and then Google ads for porn sites showed up. Yeah. I was pretty steamed, and THAT WAS IT.
I have an amazon associates account, and a few people have followed those. The main benefit is that I can go to amazon through my own link and get credit for 4% off my purchases. (Still haven't seen any of that money ...)

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