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I totally agree and I'll be happy to deport you immediately

english5.jpgA Houston protester argues that proficiency in English should be a condition for citizenship. Excellent point. May I just point out something about your sign then?


Heh. Buh-bye, then.

She probably got her education from pubic schools.

Google "Morans" for similar fun.

I think you mean the "GET A BRAIN MORANS! GO USA!" dude:


Yup. I love him.

Was wondering if you could email me your email address...we have an invitation to extend to you. :)


Ironic, I was also looking for your email address. Just saying I can't believe you found and posted that MPR thing to PDD! Very kind and just a little bizarro to log on and see.

Are there any acting/ improv classes in Duluth?


And per your post here: mean people = suckfest.

In case people are wondering what Lucie is talking about, look here. She did an hilarious essay on MPR and I had to out her to our cobloggers in crime over on perfectduluthday.

There are acting classes in Duluth, yes, and occasionally improv classes. Hmmm... I should really teach an improv class sometime. Want to be my student? Bwahahaha!

And, dear readers, in case you wanted to know what Carrie wanted, she was asking me to come to a preview of God Rocks. I'm putting on my critic's hat, squaring my shoulders, practicing my sneer, and folding my arms.

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