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My Geeky Bio

My bio as Geek King is up now on the Geek Prom website. Here it is...

geekroyalty08.jpgLawrence Lee, the 2008 King Geek, was born and raised in Wapakoneta, Ohio, the hometown of Neil Armstrong. He started playing D&D in 1977 when players still had to use crayon to color in the crappy plastic dice. He learned BASIC on a TRS 80 and FORTRAN using a card reader. In high school he was salutatorian of his class, medaling in the state Mathletes competition and also serving as a library assistant. In college he studied physics, mathematics and philosophy, and worked as a civil engineering lab assistant. In graduate school he ran the A/V department. His current interests include HTML, blogging, board games (especially Settlers of Catan), World of Warcraft and helping his kids learn math (which he insists is fun). He works as a Presbyterian minister, and his study is decorated with a lava lamp, an original Chris Monroe painting and Star Wars paraphernalia. As Geek King he would like to decree for all time: “Han shot first.”

All this is true.


Hey, I was salutatorian, too! We have so much in common. ;)

I wasn't salutatorian becuase I was influenced to much by Billy Joel. He said "if you get straight A's then you think too much."

Got to love Billy.

The AV position is the clincher.

I was in the top 20 of my class, but I didn't get any cool graduating positions because I didn't take gym pass/fail, and because I am a math moron (except for geometry proofs, go figure). I only got a C in second-yr algebra because the teacher gave 50 pts for "good citizenship." I remember sitting in the bathroom before report-card day in that class, bawling and just begging God for a C. Needless to say, I didn't go on to trig, analyt, or calc.

Brett was salutatorian because he wasn't savvy enough to take gym pass/fail, so he lost valedictorian to his best friend.

Oh, and Dan, I think he's being sarcastic in that song (which I always hated because I was perpetually out of style. Good grades and being "nice" was pretty much all I had.)

I only got salutatorian because of a B in typing. Typing! My kids think that's hilarious because I'm such a quick typist now. Trust me, that happened in late college and, mainly, grad school. Not in 9th grade where I was pretty useless with a keyboard.

It was mostly phy ed that brought me down, since we got letter grades (stupid!), but I also got a B in typing. I wasn't a fast typist until I had to type closed captioning for the news.

Nope, but I have now. And are you blogging in Conference session? I'm so proud of you!

Heather--I always thought that would be a cool job!

(I did well in typing, just 'cause I didn't follow the fingering directions. Still, I tended to look at my fingers until I worked in transcription)

I have had deep conversations with my children about why it's important that Han shot first.

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