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Need a Job?

nasa-help-wanted.jpgWell, how about a government job? NASA is hiring 10 to 15 new astronauts. You may be required you to wear adult diapers, though.

I have to admit, since the Apollo missions when I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. And why not? Neil Armstrong, a boy from my own hometown, was the first man on the moon. If he could do it, why not me?

So, seeing this, I'm kinda wistful that my life has taken me in such a different direction. But I can't be sad. My life is good.

Houston Chronicle article

Thanks to fanyboy.com and Adam from perfectduluthday.com for pointing this out.


You know, they keep sending teachers into space, why not ministers? Plus, with your improv skills, you could keep everyone entertained, and help them avoid those stress-filled nutso relationship issues :)

Yeah every good adventure needs to have a guy that has some levity. You could be that guy. Really, I love to laugh at you and I am sure you could make the world laugh at you too.

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