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Gravity is just a theory too...

Oh, how the culture wars have made us stupid. Honestly, part of the problem with this entire debate about what we can teach in school, be it evolution or sex ed, is a new set of values introduced not by the right, but by the left... that being the expectation not to be offended. The left in our society has been preaching tolerance and acceptance of all sorts of different points of view so that, now, the right can use this tolerance to hamstring our educational system to the point of absurdity.

At least we can still laugh about it. I found the above cartoon on Big Fat Whale and the below annotated periodic table on Braving the Elements.


Another great link from you... Big Fat Whale has had me laughing way too much tonight. Something about the style reminded me of another politico/satire comic I used to love back in my high school days--"The Adventures of Captain Kentucky." It ran for three years in the weekend Scene section of the Louisville Times, and it was like nothing I'd ever seen before. It skewered everything going on at the time in "Kentuckiana" and was highly regionalized, so imagine my surprise when I googled "Captain Kentucky" and found it on Norwegian and Finnish websites!! Seems Don Rosa, the creator/cartoonist, went on to become very popular in those countries because of his work on Donald Duck comics, of all things. And the guy still lives in Louisville! Even so, you've got to love an anti-hero who fights giant handpuppet frogs and who, in his quests for truth, justice and the American way, usually winds up doing more damage to Louisville than Godzilla ever inflicted upon Tokyo. I looked forward to it every week when I was there during the summer, and made my grandparents clip and save all the ones I missed otherwise. Oh, and Captain Kentucky had a Bassett Hound sidekick long before Opus met Rosebud.

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