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My Kind of Ribbon

Here's a ribbon to put on the back of your car. I found it on freewayblogger where you can download a pdf version if you prefer.


You know, this war will end--at least for us, and hopefully ASAP--maybe even sooner than possible, seeing as it was stupid to begin with, and is achieving nothing but innocent deaths.(And as soon as Pelosi and co realize that that's why we voted them all in, the better) However, I have to think that, if Saddam had just droppped dead of a stroke or something, we might still have some of the same Sunni/Shiite (and probably Kurd) stuff we're having right now. The only thing that kept that country together, I think, was Saddam's iron grip, his more secular (ok, for him, prob. ALL secular) orintation, and the occasional, handy "look over there" tactics, distracting his people with threats, real or imagined, from the US or Iran. But as far as the Middle East in general (with some exceptions, like the UAE, or Bahrain, etc.), I sometimes think that they're like a disfuntional family who are just going to fight and destroy each other until they actually want to stop--Israelis, Sunnis, Shiites, Wahabi, whatever. We think we can help facilitate, or even impose peace, but it's not going to work until they actually want it, and unfortunately, lots of innocent, regular people are caught in the middle. We have to keep trying for them, but I do sometimes think it would be great to get all of our energy elsewhere, so we could just withdraw from something we can't fix--provide humanitarian aid, but not much else. It's like neglecting your own family because your friends can get their acts together--at a certain point, you have to stop. Also, it would be nice if, say, Palestinians would realize that they would get a whole lot more support--and Israel a whole lot more criticism, if they would employ nonviolent tactices, a la Ghandi, or MLK. Suicide bombings, blowing up innocent people--not effective.

I'm afraid your assessment is all too correct. I do believe there are people of goodwill who want peace in Iraq, but, as someone said recently, as long as the factions think they can get what they want through violence, the violence will continue.

And there you have it.

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