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The InBox Has Been Neutralized

Over at F.A.T. (Free Art and Technology) they are encouraging people to get their inbox down to 0 messages and then take a photo of themselves with their newly conquered inbox. I decided I was up to that challenge. Actually, it wasn't much of a challenge. I set my email program up to sort mail as it comes in so very little real mail gets to the inbox anymore. What does quickly gets categorized and sorted into boxes. Yeah, I got mad mail skillz.

But, as you see, I gotta do something about my desktop.


I keep my inboxes clear at pretty much all times. Right now I have a mail in my personal inbox that needs removing, but that's unusual. It can be addictive, though, to the point that it causes me some anxiety when I can't clear my inbox.

I have issues.

my work email filters most of my messages like you've got going on there. but for my personal email, i use gmail. it has such an amazing search, tagging, and archive feature that i don't care how many emails are in there. i never have trouble finding things.

Lars, Mom could use some help with her email in box. I think she has around 3500 in her inbox. I am going to get her and external hard drive to store her emails.....

Got to love mom.

E-mail would be no problem for me. And my desktop can be messy. I say it's OK.

I just switch email addresses every few months.


Sorry I drifted off there for a few months. Happy to see you still rockin' it.

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