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Q: What's better than being carded when you're 41?


A: Having your girlfriend carded when you're 41.

Heather and I went out for martinis tonight at Va Bene where we sat out on the deck and watched the ships and sailboats out on Lake Superior. While I agree that Heather looks young, I was surprised she was carded.

As later we were relating this story to Maria, though, she informed us that there is a sting operation in the area and everyone in town is carding practically everyone. Kinda took the thrill out of it. Oh well.

Still, if you are down at Va Bene I recommend the "Baptism by Fire" martini which is a vodka martini that uses a pomegranate liqueur. Tas-tee!


sorry to be the spoiler, I was psyched too, then someone popped my bubble from the fountain of youth too!

That's funny. I can just see you trying to hide a grin as she pulled out her ID.

Hiding a grin? Beverly, there was no hiding at all. I was chortling loudly. I'm not one to hide my emotions much.

Even better, then.

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