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Stick Around Through the Credits

ironman.jpgI went to see Iron Man yesterday with my buddy, Russ, and was pleasantly entertained. It was a nice rendition of one of my favorite comic book heroes. Robert Downey Jr. was a perfect Tony Stark and Gwyneth Paltrow was... sigh... so beautiful. Probably my favorite scenes in the movie were between these two actors, especially the one in which Stark needs his personal assistant, Pepper Potts, to assist him personally with a delicate, little life and death procedure.

But here's the thing you have to know. If you go to see the movie stay until the very end. There's a fun scene after the credits. I will say no more. Trust me. It's totally worth it.


Be prepared for RDJr's next big triumph: Rehab Man!


Thanks for the heads-up, Lars--Brett went to go see it last night, and since he hates to sit through the credits, he'd have missed that, otherwise. Being the comic book geek he is, he was`quite pleased.

Yeah! My post has done its job!

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