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"We take the 'PITA' out of 'HOSPITALITY'"

My kids and I were just passing by a hotel on our way to rehearsal and Emma, as she often does, read aloud what was on the sign:

Emma: Hos... lity

Me: Hosp... t'lity?

Emma: Nope, just Hos, space, space, space, space, lity.

Me: Oh, maybe that's their new slogan...

Emma: What?

Me: "We take the 'pain in the ass' out of 'hospitality.'"

Emma and Simon: Huh?

Then, of course, I had to explain the acronym "PITA." It was what educators call a "teachable moment."


I assumed you meant they served gyros on sliced bread.

That sign is bugging me. I keep thinking it says something about "hos" and I think, "WTH? Does that sign actually say something about -- oh. Oh wait. That's the same sign I saw yesterday. That's right. Never mind."

I had never heard of PITA meaning Pain In The Ass. This delights me because our work meeting space is above a restaurant called Eat A Pita and we just say Pita. And since most meetings are a PITA this is awesome knowledge! Thanks King!

It is just one more service I may render as your king. I am a benevolent potentate and magnanimous in nature.

Just don't be a creepy one, like the Burger guy!

Fascinating. I've contacted child protective services.

I thought PITA stood for People for the Ithical Treatment of Animals.

People for the Ichthical Treatment of Animals: those who believe animals are best when treated with fish.

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