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Blogger X - A Drama

Blogger X - I like X! X makes me happy!

Commenter 1 - I give tacit support for your love of X, but somewhat less enthusiastic support than yours.

Commenter 2 - I point out certain deficits in X, but affirm Blogger X as having the right to hold that opinion.

Commenter 3 - I don't like X because of some childhood trauma.

Commenter 4 - I don't like X because of its negative impact on the environment, cultural morals, or because X is a cheap imitation of Z.

Commenter 5 - I affirm Z as being better. X sucks.

Commenter 6 - X sucks.

Commenter 7 - X sucks more than Z but Z sucks too.

Commenter 8 - X sucks and Blogger X sucks.

Commenter 9 - I defend Blogger X and cast aspersions upon Commenter 8.

Commenter 8 - Commenter 9 sucks.

Commenter 1 - I try to calm everyone down.

Commenter 8 - Commenter 1 is a self righteous prig.

Commenter 5 - I roll my eyes.

Admin - Stop it.

Commenter 8 - Admin sucks.

Commenter 7 - Yeah, what Commenter 8 said.

Admin - Ban.

Commenter 8 as Commenter 10 - You all suck. I launch into a diatribe against everybody.

Admin - Come on guys.

Commenter 1 - This used to be such a good blog.

Commenter 3 - This is all Blogger X's fault, really.

Blogger X - Meh?


You've stumbled upon the secret blogging template!
Here's a similarily astute comment (warning, contains objectionable language):

That is a short, accurate synopsis of every blog, forum or listserv I have followed and/or participated in since 1997. Except for this one. This one is remarkably civilized.

This is a foundational document in the reality of internet discourse. Scientists should study this to try to develop some inoculation or cure.

Hat's off. You truly are the king of the geeks! (Bowing down.)

I had this same diatribe on the playgournd at age 7. It is nice to know that we never grow old. Or is it that some people never grow up?

Ha! Nicely done.

I think I'm commenter 9.

I tend to be commenter 1 (because you never quit being the big sister). I think commenter 8/10 is a little harsh ;)

Commenter 10 - ASL?

All commenters - WTF?

Commenter 10 - Isn't this the chat room for guys that like women in clown costumes?

Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

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