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World of Peacecraft


Imagine trying to play World of Warcraft without killing anything.

Charlotte sent me to this blog of a person trying to do just this. "Reinisch" is a pacifist undead priest on The Venture Co., an RP/PVP server. For those who don't know World of Warcraft this is very very difficult as most of the quests require killing something or another and there are very few ways other than killing things and quests to obtain experience.

This seemed so ludicrous and impractical I had to try it. So meet "Peacewalker," a peaceloving tauren druid who is already level 5 without killing a thing. Most of the experience has come from discovering new geographic zones, which conveys some minimal experience, and gathering or courier quests which require no killing. Come meet him on The Venture Co. server. He's in Reinisch's guild, "The Pacifist."

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