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A Leet Speak Primer

My friend, Maria, said she couldn't really understand what was funny about some of my recent posts, so I thought I should post this primer for her and others.

And now you, and Maria, should be able to translate this:

Z0M6 |V|4R14 15 +3H N00b!!!1!!


Um, Lars, maybe she just doesn't think you're, um, funny.....

But anyway....that was so cute! The kid who put it together has a future in foreign language instruction or educational film-making...loved the little song during the exercises, as well as the Mac/PC editorial there at the end. And I have to say, I worked with Macs in academic publishing for 3 yrs, and you know what? THEY DO FREEZE UP!!!!!!! (Ergh! I hate those stoopid commercials!!!!!1!)


I loved the songs too. Maybe I'll write a letter to Jeopardy suggesting that they change their theme to this type of creative on-the-spot humming + sound effects ("quack quack").

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