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She's not dead yet...

1881679003_7f61d0229a.jpgOnly 40.

Maria had quite the birthday slash costume party this past Friday. The costumes were fun and eclectic. Our hostess with the mostest made this elegant and creepy Legend inspired bride of the damned outfit.

I came as a Magic 8 Ball - shaving and painting my head for the occasion. I went around with a pouch full of the 20 standard Magic 8 Ball responses and invited people to ask a question and shake me. It was hands down the most fun costume I've ever done as far as participation.

Emma came as a witch with a hat that kept falling off owing to her abnormally large cranium.

Simon came as a nerd. I know, a reallll stretch there for Simon.

Check out other pictures from the party on Maria's fickr site.


What a cool party and I love your costume! It suits you perfectly--elegant in its simplicity, a little magical, a little mystical--and hilarious to boot. :-)

It's cheap and fast--always a bonus!

Hey, are my eyes deceiving me, or did I see Karl in the party photos? What's he up to these days?

Yep, that is Karl, nefarious as ever.

I love your costume! And it looks like a wonderful party.

Silly me! I didn't notice the fangs the first time around... Tell him I said "Hi!"

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