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Proof Positive


I've always been a math geek. I love helping my kids with their math and, in fact, lately I've been doing math for fun.

So I really appreciated this proof. I found it on msxnet.org.


LOL! Yeah, and you'd better watch out! What's Emma got to say about this, hmmm?

Oh, and Ben absolutely loved this, since he's doing pre-Algebra now...AND it's a great demonstration of why it's important to show all of your work, and not just your final answer to get full credit. :-)

Yeah, Brett's first Christmas as a "real doctor," he showered his family with fancy schmancy presents. The next year, we were married...and with the addition of zillions of inlaws....presents were not so lavish. Three kids later, his big extravagance is buying whole milk to make cheese with, and we're skipping the adults this Xmas.....hmmmm, you're probably right, lol!

And isn't there chapter upon chapter on this very subject in Proverbs?

Brett just pointed out that money isn't the root of all kinds of evil, but rather the love of money. Therefore, girls themselves aren't evil, but rather the love of girls.....

I like the way you think Lars. But did you know that guys a pigs? Good thing girls love pigs.

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