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My pal Neal, King of the Geeks, has started a new project and, thus, a new blog. In his own words:

I have a 1996 black 4door geo tracker that is starting to rust away. I'm not ready to give it up yet as I love this little car. It's gone across the country, climbed up the tallest mountain in CO, pulled numerous people out the snow, and never fails to impress me, even when I think it's going to die. It's not the prettiest thing anymore so I decided to let others make it pretty for me.

I'm going to be spraypainting Pepe with chalkboard paint and having my friend weld a metal box to the back door that will hold chalk. I'm going to encourage people to draw whatever they want on Pepe (within reason of course). I'll continue to take pictures and upload them to the blog. Additionally, I will encourage people to take a photo of them next to their completed piece and send it to me. If they took video of them chalking my car, that would be great too.

I, for one, will be following Pepe's transformation with interest.

Update - October 22, 2007

Pepe has been painted...

and has been chalked!


Wow! What a great idea! Would you consider putting up a link to the blog over there on the right hand side with your other blog links to make it easier for the rest of us to remember where to check up on it?

Why, yes I would!

thanks. it's going to be an interesting [[warning-pun alert]] ride

Hey! I have a 1996 Toyota RAV -- maybe I should have some fun with it too, instead of trying to get it waxed and stuff.

I know this is about the car...however, I just gave Brett the Geek test, and he was actually disappointed (I could hear it in his voice) that he only scored 60-some% to make "extreme geek." He said, "I honestly thought I should have done better."
It was truly funny!

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