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On This Site Stood...


Norm Magnusson is making this series of "historical" markers in rest stops along I-75 which stretches from Michigan to Florida. I also happened to grow up in a town which happened to be Exit 111 on I-75 in Ohio.

Thanks to in.dog.neato over on perfectduluthday for showing me this.





I wish he'd list exactly where he's got these installed. It would be worth a road trip to put a picnic lunch together and spend a few hours just watching people react to these!

Funny you should ask that. I wrote him an e-mail asking just that question, among others. If he responds I'll post it here.

Norm Magnusson sent me a very nice reply to my queries. I excerpt...

"Thanks so much for the sweet shout out on your blog. One mistake, though: The I-75 Project is only a plan and not a reality. I am working on a couple of public art fund organizations to help me make it happen, but so far it's just a dream.

"The signs are made of cast aluminum and krylon acrylic paint and so far there's been very little negative reaction to them. If the I-75 Project does become a reality, I'll have to make 44 more signs and I'll try hard to write some them differing political points of view. Should be interesting. (And challenging.)

"Thanks for putting my project on your blog. CNN.com emailed yesterday too to do a piece for their site. Very exciting."

These are pure gold. All we need is one saying something like...

"Here stood PersonX, who realised that their day was bigger than a computer monitor so they switched it off and got on with life..."

Gotta go... ;)

Cool! I hope he gets his funding. Here's my suggestion: "On this site stood PersonX who truly believed that Jesus probably wouldn't have been a Republican..."

You'd like this one then, Celia!

But he probably gave three cans of soup and beans he didn't want to eat to the church's annual food drive, didn't he? That counts as feeding the poor, right?

It's all a matter of priorities...and justification...

Not to distract from the art topic, but seeing as the season for food baskets is fast approaching... My family was the recipient of many food boxes and baskets when I was young, and I can tell you from experience that children are less than thrilled to see cans of beans in them. Obviously, older people, esp. those who can remember the Depression, might have a better relationship with beans, and of course they are great sources of cheap protein, and some people like rice and beans, but ...remember, these kids are already having a hard time....include some moe kid-friendly stuff, like goofy forms of peanut butter, brand-name cereal, pop tarts or brand-name cookies, cake mixes, hamburger helper, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti sauce, ravioli, mandarin oranges,juice, chocolate chips...something exciting. And even if you are on the no brand-name, no junk food bandwagon, good for you, but lots of times these kids aren't. It's about them, and not about spreading your economic or political philosophy. If you feel that your information will be helpful, talk to the parent(s). Oh, and avoid the beets and the sauerkraut. No one wants to see that, believe me. If you like it, it's ok to be selfish and keep it at home :)

Yeah, that was kind of my point..but I didn't have time to make it as well as you did, Leah. ;-) Some people do tend to pitch in the things they don't really even want themselves, and then convince themselves that by giving it away it's doing someone else good...

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