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Caption This

So I found this old Japanese commercial and I was wondering what they were saying. I decided it would be more fun if you told me. Feel free to caption this video in the comments below.


Well, sorry to let you down, but I'm drawing blanks other than vague thoughts about a plot to overthrow Pierce Brosnan's career... However, I did have fun looking through the other associated clips!

Hey, you mentioned in passing a while back that you and Char were discussing homeschooling the kids. How's that going? I've been e-schooling Ben from home since last year and now this year Josh is home with us, too. We like it! How many schools let you break for a couple of hours to play with your brother in the fort you made of three chairs, two blankets and as many pillows as you could find?

Yeah, we've been homeschooling both Emma and Simon for a year now and are looking forward to the coming school year. Simon wants to have a study focus on Feudal Japan this fall and Emma wants to focus on Jane Austen's England. We are going to be trying a new math curriculum called "math you see" which looks fun. Both Emma and Simon just got roles in the local playhouse production of Winnie the Pooh so we will probably do a lot of stuff around those themes.

Also they are involved in a local community of homeschoolers with whom last year they did some science units, outdoor activities, writing workshop, and a unit on Shakespeare (with a focus on A Midsummer Night's Dream).

I'm planning on doing a roleplaying offering for this group using StoryCards.

Sounds like fun--both the unit studies and the StoryCards. We're taking some homeschool group classes, too--mostly sciency stuff, because Josh doesn't get any otherwise in K and Ben's curriculum in Sci really doesn't stretch him much.

I've heard good things about the "Math U See" materials--I'll be interested to see your take on it. What did you use before? Ben's doing 7th grade using a Prentice Hall textbook this year. Josh's school uses Sadlier-Oxford materials--so far it's been more effective for handwriting practice than math!

"The Mintorex 20 -- when you need a stereo TV for your mad scientist lair, it's the only choice"

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