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Tired of those stale, store-bought films?

free_range_annie_small.jpgThose corporate, factory farm films are often filled with preservatives and pesticides and very little nutritional value. Sure, they look good on the shelf with their bright colors, but will they really fill you up?

Well, don't despair! Go to the Free Range Film Festival where the films aren't made on those big, corporate plantations, but raised organically by local producers. Sure, they might not be as flashy, but taste the goodness!

The Fourth Annual Free Range Film Festival is being held this weekend in Wrenshall, Minnesota (near Duluth) in an old barn on an organic farm. The two day festival features almost 40 films many of which are 10 minutes long or less.


Wow...that line up looks like a lot of fun! I assume you'll be attending...can we expect some commentary on the proceedings coming up?

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