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Dance, Pipecleaner Man, Dance!

I found this on davidbessler.com. Use the big buttons to select a tune to dance to and then mouseover the little buttons to strike different poses. You can also use your keyboard to make him dance.

Full Screen Version

My favorite dance moves? Soundtrack F with dance moves FGH in random order throwing in some JK. Try it.


Finally!! Something I found on the net before you did! Don't remember where or when, but it was a couple of years ago, at least, but still a goody. I find I prefer the results of random mousing in rhythm to specific keystrokes, but no matter how you do it, ya just can't help but smile.

Well, it couldn't been a couple of years because it was posted just last year on April 16, 2006, but hooray! Yeah, I like this pretty well.

Well, my years have been feeling more like decades lately, so that probably accounts for it. ;-)

That's such a great time waster... I'm screwed now...


God, it is Friday.

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