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Best of Ironic1


Markk tagged me for this "Best of" Meme in which the blogger is supposed to pull out 10 or fewer posts that represent your high points so far. I decided to lift out 9 posts that:

1) were original work,
2) showed the variety of things I did on my blog, and
3) may have not received much attention the first time I published them

I didn't necessarily put up the most popular ones by hits or comments, but the ones I liked a lot.

4040.jpgForty for Forty - 40 quotes in 40 days for my 40th birthday. When people want to get to know the real me, I point them to this thread.

inigomon.jpgNext Time They Want You to Wear a Nametag - Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya...

darkroast.jpgMedium Dark Roast, Occasionally a Muffin - A story about our secret names.

00.jpg0° 0° - Humans are silly.

mowsmug.jpgHow to Mow Smugly - I bought a push lawnmower! My green cred just doubled. Aren't I cool?

intlife.jpgSigns of Intelligent Life - I decided to choose just one play out of the many I've posted.

malren.jpgFriendly Fascism - This post incorporates science fiction, politics, and religion which makes it probably my best post ever!

phantomring.jpgPhantom Ring - Some things linger.

strangerfiction.jpgFate, Life, and Art - I thought I should include one of my idiosyncratic theological movie reviews, and here it is!

Okay, meme accomplished! I hereby tag Michelle, Fuzzy, TheMolk, Laurie, and Matt.

Meme Rules:

1. Please try to limit your post to 10 items or less
2. Tag 5
3. Take your time. Do some digging in the archives and find the perfect ones - it’s to your advantage more than anything else.
4. Please if possible, link to this post for meme info, and please link to the post that you were tagged in. Memes go on for quite a long time and when trying to follow one backwards to see some of the other posts, it gets quite difficult when only the blog URL is used.. Just a request.
5. The people you tag, please let them know by email, contact form or some other efficient method.


themolk is so on top of this meme that he's already done it.

Yeah, that's why I didn't tag him!

Quite liked the "Friendly Fascism" post.

Hey, good thing I did this. I found that my video embed on Friendly Fascism was dead so I did a quick search and found it elsewhere. It's restored if you want to watch it.

Matt at Fly High, Duluth! has posted his "Best of"! Well done, Matt!

Laurie at This is Babble On has posted her Best Of.

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