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Medium Dark Roast, Occasionally a Muffin

cup.jpgI was in my local coop when one of the deli workers recognized me and my kids from her previous place of work, which happens to be my favorite java haunt in town.

"I know you! Medium Dark Roast, Occasionally a Muffin!"

Which is fair, because I don't really know her name either. In my mind she's "Perky, Auburn Hair, Gets My Order Right."

We talked about how things were going on at her old place of employment and how many new workers they have there and how the service has slipped as they train new people in. "There are a few reliable servers there and I gravitate toward those," I said.

"Like John?" she offered.

I shrugged and smiled.

"Big Hair, Smiles a Lot?"

"Oh, you mean the Dude Who Calls Everybody Dude? Yeah, he's great."

All this made me wonder what other names I am known by. And how many of them would I like?

[Thanks to The Woman Who Moved Into My House After I Left for prompting this post.]


Hey, you're the "guy who lived in my house before me", the "guy who did cooler things with the youth group than me", the "guy I run into all over town."

Nice post.

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