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Things I Learned from Amanda

unboomed.jpgIt's the end of an era. Amanda Congdon is no longer hosting Rocketboom. Whether she was pushed or she jumped I'll leave to historians and lawyers, but the fact remains - Rocketboom as we knew it is no more.

In appreciation of Amanda, I just want to share a few things that I learned from watching her nigh every day over the last many months...

What is art and what is bullshit.

Good Friday means high pitched narration by toy robots and strangely animated pans of hotcross buns.

What to do with a rope besides skipping it.

People can sometimes be mistaken for Doctor Who extras right after Lasik eye surgery.

It's fun to be a voyeur.

Silence is golden. And generates a lot of comments too.

Shit happens...

...but you go on with a little help from your friends.

Don't dis da sistas or you're going to lose your job.

How to make a margarita with Splenda. Ewwww.

Things to consider when switching to Scientology.

Mac or PC?

Karl Rove drives people to drink.

Calling a person a wench isn't nice.

Pillow fights are fun.

The NSA is still listening.

Dance, dance, dance!

Thanks, Amanda, for your hard work and your candor. I hope to see you soon doing something else equally as engaging and provocative.

One other thing I learned from Amanda -

The internet is all about interactivity, so leave a comment and let me know your big takeaway from Amanda's tenure at Rocketboom.


Thanks for this little stroll down memory lane. Discovering RocketBoom was one of those incredible moments for me when vast potential, vaguely perceived on the horizon, suddenly came into sharp focus ...and everything changed. And as so many have said, Amanda was and is RocketBoom.

But alas...nothing lasts forever, I suppose. Almost.

Thanks again!

Thank you for this, ironic1. It was beautiful.

Thanks for the retrospective.

"It is just as easy to say 'mac' or 'pc' as it is to say 'no'"

Your selection includes some of my favorite Amandaisms. Is a pity Rocketboom has ended (it has).I cannot wait to see what Amanda does next.

There are many examples I could pull from but picking one at random..There was no interest in the dukes of hazzard without the orginal bo and luke. Sadly, there will be little interest in a Rocketboom without Amanda! I've already cancelled my subscription. Shes the Glue that made it interesting, Extremely Talented and I look forward to seeing her in bigger and better projects.

I loved Amanda's white trash character...it was freakin hilarious.

Thanks for all the good times Amanda!


that was great ironic1! i hope amanda moves onto bigger and better things. my favorite one was the one where amanda would consider things like when she considered electric cars and scientology.

Well....TV had its early years: experimnetal, amateurish and creative. So, its seems, does video blog. Hats off to Amanda, a realitve unknowm who blossomed before our eyes(and ears) during the short tenture of the boom. Thanks for ironic1's Unbooming - an equally fresh side to the life of "the blog". The feeling that we can all converse makes it a new social media. Now if we could only reach out for a real HUG....

amanda is the best and i hope she has a good time but mylife is not going to be the same with out her

While you're waiting for Amanda's next project, check out MobuzzTV at http://www.mobuzz.com (I have nothing to do with it other than being a big fan)

You put it perfectly when you say "Rocketboom as we knew it is no more." They can try all the replacements they want, but nobody can replace Amanda. Enough said.

Craig, thanks for turning me onto mobuzz. I was a little skeptical when the first article was about a porn browser, but looking at back episodes, it looks like a good solid show. I'll keep an eye on it.

I've just recently discovered video blogs.

What's that? No, I haven't been under a rock. :-P

Amanda is fantastic! She's made quite a name for herself & helped to make RB what it is.

I applaud her for sticking up for herself. She and RB were destined to outgrow each other, and this path allows the most opportunity for growth for everyone involved.

Keep up the great work, Amanda!

It's just not the same anymore without Amanda. Once you watch her face everyday for a good solid 3 minutes of quirky entertainment, you can't live life normally without her. RB has lost the normal satisfying feeling I had before when watching RB.

Thanks the list of those good ol' shows with Amanda.

It seems no matter how quirky and off beat the new Rocketboom may be w/o Amanda, I have this over impending feeling that it will feel forced. You simply can not replace her style with out it being force fed.

Amanda was great on RB. No question that she was the smart and witty pointwoman of a groundbreaking podcast/media phenomenon. I am going to give RB a chance without her. Change can be good, even if it hurts at first.

Whatever happens next is going to be amazin. I am looking forword to a new age.

I think I like Amanda best for her honesty, directness, spontaneity, and sense of style. I always felt I wanted to protect her, especially when she was ganged up on as a sex object. So I wrote comments to express my real appreciation of her intelligence and integrity. Thank you for this opportunity to talk together about this person who brought us together.

Wow, that girl can dance! I'm just amazed she didn't dislocate her elbows and shoulders the way she was moving.

If One were to say adieu to Amanda,
that IS a great compilation of memories. Nice job!

However, I refuse to do so.

Looking forward to her next project.

I've found that Amanda's ability to swivel herself from the stage left camera to the center shot camera is lost on me, because I get such a crick in my neck.

Really really hurts.

d henry, you aren't Daron Henry by any chance? From Purdue University circa 1991? Because if you were, that would be just too weird.

A clip episode? Doom.

My favorite dance episode was the SSDS show.


We also miss Amanda here in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Amanda should take advantage of this time off - seek rehab/treatment for Bush Derangement Syndrome.

I just now, so sad to say, just heard about Amanda. S**T. I missed out on loads of fun and tons of chortles and belly laughs! Wishing you the best 'cause this world is so deprived of humor that everyone should be hooked up to IV Drips 7/24/365 of Amand's brand!


Amanda, you're a woman after my own heart! If I were gay I'd be hunting you down, sister! You're the bomb!

Wishing you all the best in the world! You're a true woman in the fullest sense!

J'en El

Unless I miss my guess, both Amanda and the Rocketboom vlog will continue to do well - even as they go their separate ways.

Loved the show, love you, best of everything to you!

Not sure how much of that was Amanda... you have to look at things with a more critical eye. Much of that writing comes from elsewhere... Just because it comes out of somebody's mouth doesn't mean it originates there.

The latest Rocketboom- sans Amanda- was the best one in ages- with guest appearences by Dr. Tiki, Lala, and Johnny Johnny of tikibartv.com.

Those of you lamenting the death of Rocketboom just got 0WN3D and you know it.

Long live Rocketboom.

I, for one, really hope Rocketboom does well and that Amanda does well doing something else. I still mourn the passing of what we knew as Rocketboom and of a prolific relationship. If you want to read more into that, that's your right. Things change. That is the nature of things. At this point, I think it is good to pay respects to what has gone before.

Oh, and Dan, check the comments on the latest RB. You'll see I was one of the first to show my pleasure with the latest show.

I really hate how this whole thing has turned into a "you are either on Amanda's side or Drew's side" thing. I mean, folks! Grow up! That sounds like Junior High!

You sent teardrops my way. I love you... I am still crying... Don't know why I feel sad, just do. James

Rocketboom use to be the highlight of my day, but now it sucks without Amanda's funny wit and awesome talent. RB is screwed without her. Now I am looking forward to her next project! Sometimes she would get me laughing so hard I'd nearly fall off my chair.

I am a 62 year old FEMALE, and since it's inception I have been a loyal fan of Amanda's and Rocketboom. Amanda IS Rocketboom and without her, it is just no fun any more. She was wacky and entertaining and informtative, and I looked forward to all her antics every evening. She will be sorely missed. I wish her the very best, and look forward to seeing her again where ever the future
takes her.

Girls, Rule!

As Gary Larson would say, "Dang!" ... I've been following Amanda's antics for a while now, off iTunes, then FireAnt, and recently even off my Tivo (not as good due to no clicky).

I've also seen a couple speeches at industry events... I have no doubt you will soon do something great... again.

I'll keep RB in my Tivo WishList for now. Everyone deserves a break.

RB was revelation in IPTV for me. It got me motivated. Amanda on the other hand was a love affair for me, she kept me coming back and made my day. Alexa says that amandaunboomed.blogspot.com is up in traffic ranking by 19,000 percent. NINETEEN THOUSAND! RocketWHOM?

Way to go Ironic1. Catan?

Damn. My TIVO doesn't connect for a day and there's this French wench on? Where's Amanda? Websearch: Oh damn, end of yet another era. Just like I missed the 80's. Good luck Amanda, hope you land again soon.

Great collection of links!!

Finally watched the new RB and hated it. Can't wait for Amanda to be back, wherever-- (do I just hate change?)

The rocket has fissed out with
its new hostess. Amanda is still soaring higher and higher. Thanks for the good

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