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The Enterprise faces a new deadly enemy!

The Enterprise has survived the Borg, Cardassians, and Romulans, but will they survive the Blue Screen of Death?


Funny, but a little dated, Macdaddy man. Yes, everything Apple is still pretty much cooler than PC, but Windows has improved to the point that I haven't actually seen a blue screen of death in ages. Now it just locks up without warning!

And for the record, contrary to what the commercials would like you to believe, Macs lock up, too. When I worked for the Peirce Edition, all we had were G3 and G4 macs (ok, so it was a long time ago), and we loaded them with a lot of text, illustrations, and coding. Several times a day, my colleagues and I would find ourselves saying, um, less than proper things and restarting our machines...sometimes we just had to turn the stupid things off at the floor. Saving frequently was de rigeur! But I still remember when I was a complete computer novice and I got my first "bomb" at work. I really panicked, sure that I had caused some irreversible damage!

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