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5000 Years of Religion in 90 Seconds

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Thanks to Monastic Musings for pointing this map out to me.

It's an interesting take, however I'm not sure how accurate it is to have Judaism completely disappear and then reappear only with the establisment of the state of Israel in the 20th century. And how about all of the other world religions such as Shintoism, Confucianism, Taoism, and so on? Here are a couple interesting related images from the Wikipedia entry on World Religions.

Here's another fun interactive map that does something similar from the BBC.


Thank you for the follow-up work. I saw a static map once that used stripes for mixed religion regions (it was highlighting Protestant/ Catholic mix in European countries) and it was effective at showing the presence of both faiths.

The hardest thing about these maps is imagining how they would look if, say, a Japanese Shinto practioner made them. It's so easy to fail to notice the Euro-centered view of the world: I really appreciate what you've done here.

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