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"What's the big idea, Idea Man?"

ideaman.gifThe Tick, The Tick vs. The Idea Men

The Tick was a great animated series from the mid 90s about a nigh invulnerable superhero who really liked the sound of his own voice. This was from the first episode and, actually, I remembered the line wrong. The actual exchange was...

The Tick: Okay, Idea Man, what's the big idea?
Idea Man: Well, we figured we'd steal a lotta money, and then we'd be rich, and we wouldn't have to work anymore!
The Tick: You cads!

You have to admire an honest bad guy.

What I love about this is that it cuts straight to the heart of the matter. So much of the time we couch our thoughts in what we thing are socially acceptable packages so that they will pass muster and we try to avoid expressing what the "big idea" really is. Or, worse, we have no "big idea" and we just kind of muddle along.

So every so often I like to ask myself, "What's the big idea, Idea Man?"

40 for 40, #30

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