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"I'm using my resources to the best of my ability."

img_5916_1.jpgI'm a game player. My brother, Dan, and I grew up playing games and we still do. This quote is a catch phrase of my brother that has become so much more than about games.

I can't remember the first instance of the phrase, but I think I accused Dan of cheating at some game or another and he protested with this phrase. "I'm not cheating. I'm using my resources to the best of my ability."

Which, of course, was charming and disarming. Yeah, that's my bro.

This phrase in my life has come to mean leveraging whatever advantage you have, not in a mean spirited way, but not letting up because of a perceived weakness on the part of your opponent. I've always been taught to play your best, whatever you are doing. I vividly remember being frustrated as a child with my grandfather because he would pound me at checkers and he told me that if he played less than his best it would be an insult to me. It would be telling me that I wasn't worth his best effort.

I do the same when I play games. My son, Simon, has not yet beaten me at Chess though we have been playing since he was five. I often tell him what I'm doing and why, but I never play less than my best. When he does win, he will do it honestly, and, trust me, that day is coming soon.

Using your resources to the best of your ability is not about cheating or even competition, it's about playing aggressively, respectfully, and cunningly.

40 for 40, #29



I was wondering if this quote would come out. I think you hit it on the head with how I feel about those words. I will use all I have access to in order to get the job done.

I still have fond memories of us playing aggrivation and watching MASH while we ate bean soup. Something I will treasure for all my days.

Love ya Bro

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