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Six Weird Things about Me

fortune-cookie.jpgFuzzy tagged me to post six weird things about me and, of course, I was compelled to do so. So here it goes.

1. When given a fortune cookie I will break it open, eat half immediately, then read the fortune. If I like the fortune I will eat the other half. If not, I leave the other half uneaten (or give it to my son, Simon).

2. I often break into song at the mere mention of something. While some people think musicals are weird because people suddenly start singing for no apparent reason, I find that perfectly normal. Oh, and I'm not that great of a singer.

3. I randomly make up my own idiosyncratic sign language. This is a passtime I share with my kids. For example, we have signs for "big and crunchy," "comparing noses," and "plotting deliciousness."

toiletpaper.gif4. If the toilet paper is not oriented with the sheet hanging down in the front I will take off the roll and reorient it, even if this is in a public restroom.

5. I watch so little TV that last year after the election I realized that the only election ads I saw were those I sought out on YouTube.

6. My ex-wife, Charlotte, and I are still really good friends. In fact, when I couldn't think up a sixth weird thing, I called her to suggest one.

Oh, and by the way, tag! You're it! Now you have to post six weird things about you on your blog. Or, if you don't have a blog, put 'em down here in the comments.


I totally agree with you about the TP .. sometimes a switch it while in action.

Yes I am that good

Hmmmm....can I do this before someone wakes up and wants Mommy?

1. I have lived in 25 places and held 22 jobs (I've never been fired--many times I worked a few jobs simultaneously). I also got married and had 3 kids in 6 yrs. I kind of like (good) change...2004 was a quiet yr and I felt very restless.

2. I like drinking cola right after eating chocolate--it really burns and does not seem sweet--like mineral water

3. I believe in ghosts and have had some odd experiences throughout my life (not sure if they're dead souls or just "recordings," ), although I am not into the occult. Brett thinks I'm weird.

4. Everyone is always surprised to find out I'm a surgeon's wife. They seem to mean it in a good way. I take a little pride in this.

5. In my ideal life, I would have been able to have 6 kids, homeschool them, have a huge garden and make everyone's clothes (oh, and be thin and have good hair)

6. I love dishes--china, stoneware (ok, not Correlle). Esp. pitchers, and items shaped like vegetables or with animals on them. I must exert a great deal of self-control, because stuff tends to be cheap, and we don't have the room.

7. I can't sleep in cars or planes. I always have to know what's going on and, in the case of cars, watch the semis' movements and wield the always useful imaginary brake.

8. When I get photos developed, I have to label them and put them in albums in chronological order--pretty much w/in a few days. If I find a bunch that are not in order, I have to fix it, even if it means shifting large numbers of pix into different albums. This is probably the only thing about which I am a perfectionist.

Oh, and I could not care less about the toilet paper-hanging thing---this seems to be weird itself!

This was fun--it was nice to visit other blogs and see what others came up with (gave me ideas, too).

Have a good weekend!

Hey, Lawrence--check out www.huhcorp.com Jonathan is doing the interview thing and sent this to me (we have the same sense of humor). It is hilarious!

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