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Line 25... There is no Line 25...


So I was doing my Minnesota State taxes and filling out form M1M and I found this line stuck in there. Anyone else find this vaguely Pythonesque? Hails of derisive laughter!


Scene:In line at the Bureau of Tax Absurdities...

Idle: "Sir, it's all perfectly clear... Line 26 is obviously line 25 now, so all you have to do is add all the lines from 11 to the new 25 together and enter it on line 26, which is, of course, now line 25."

Cleese: "But how can I add up the lines properly if I have to include one of the number into the sum itself? Won't that, in fact, change the total of what I was supposed to be adding together?"

Idle: "Well, of course it does, sir. That's why you must then recheck and correct your figures, and then add the new total to the proper line."

Cleese: "It doesn't *really* say that! That's absurd!!"

Idle: "That's why we're here to help, sir. It is clearly implied. Reading between the lines, as they say?"

Cleese: "But if I do that, I'll never be finished with the damned thing!! Why did they get rid of the old line 25 anyway?"

Idle: "To reduce redundancy, sir. Are we done? Glad we were able to clear that up for you, sir. NEXT!"

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