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"The place where God calls you is the place where your deep gladness meets the world's deep hunger."

Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking

I am one of the privileged people in the world where my vocation actually pays the bills. I have become convinced that that makes me a very rare individual. I know a lot of people who struggle to line up their vocation with employment, but this quote from Buechner has been extraordinarily helpful for me in discerning what real vocation looks like. And I have come to believe that everyone has a sweet spot in their lives where their deep joy intersects with the world's deep needs.

When I am working with young people I try to pay attention to the times where I see their joyful creative spirit acting in positive ways in the world. I point out that they should be listening to the spirit moving through them in those times. "That little itch should be telling you something."

40 for 40, #12


i know this is an old post---but damn straight on your reflections here---I love this quote but largely my job and life do not match it, sadly!

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