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"All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of thing will be well."

julianCreighton.jpgJulian of Norwich

I always think of my friend Robb when I mutter this mantra under my breath, because he uttered it so often.

I suppose you could read this quote as a saying of pure optimism, but I see it as a saying of pure surrender. "All will be well," reminds me that I am not the center of the universe. "All will be well," tells me that my little miseries count for little in the grand scheme of things. "All will be well," keeps me thinking about the long view.

40 for 40, #13


When I was in intensive care after giving birth to Nicholas, knowing that he was going to be fine, but not knowing what they were going to tell me everytime they came in, wondering if one of my organs was failing, or if I was going to simply bleed out, this was the attitude that consoled me. Either I would get well, and go home to my children, or I would die, and go to heaven. Either way, I would be all right--it was just the transition, and I was only afraid of it because we humans don't understand it. Obviously, I had a preference--I have a lot more to finish on earth, but realizing that everything would be accomplished according to God's will, and that I could trust Him, made it possible for me to focus on Brett, say the necessary things, and remain peaceful. I knew nothing was in my control. I've not been quite the same since then. Hopefully I'll be able to use this knowledge the next time we have to fly somewhere....but well, I kinda doubt it!

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