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My New Most Favoritest Thanksgiving Song Ever

stuffing.jpgPass the Stuffing
by Grant Baciocco & Doug Price

The turkey is done; the potatoes are mashed,
but you're not here so my holiday's thrashed.
The candied yams, well, they're ready to eat
but the marshmallows on top of them, well, they just aren't as sweet.
Since you walked out of the door
I just don't feel like giving thanks no more.

So thanks for nothing.
Please pass the stuffing.

The TV is on in the living room.
A broken heart would be my parade balloon.
And all I want to do is just sit here and cry
and watch my tears fall down into my pumpkin pie.
My cranberry sauce heart has lost its canned shape.
Dumped on thanksgiving, well, that's something I just can't take.

So thanks for nothing.
Please pass the stuffing.

Thanksgiving holiday comes every year
but you aren't ever coming back, so to you, my dear, I say:

Thanks for nothing.
Please pass the stuffing. (repeat and fade)

This is from The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd, a podcast my kids love, and I can see why. Ranks right up there with Blue Christmas as one of the best holiday break up songs ever. Not that I can name many holiday break up songs. In fact Blue Christmas is the only other one I can think of right now. Clearly an underexplored musical niche.


This song is fantastic! Little Pirate is deep into Curious George at the moment, but we'll definately be exploring the site more latter.

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