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WWJD? A Statistical Analysis

I dreamt last night that I was teaching or working in a seminary. I was working on a project where, with a team of grad students, I was doing a thorough cataloging of all of the verbs in the New Testament associated with Jesus, particularly from the Gospels and doing a statistical analysis of the frequency of these verbs so that we could say, with some statistical certainty, what Jesus would do.

I remember I had a rather lengthy discussion of whether we should admit the verb "to be" into our calculations as was argued that the word is often just a linking verb and has no real existential meaning in most cases.

I also remember a dean or a vice president or some such authority being very upset with me because he thought I was trivializing the whole thing and wasting time.

The interesting thing is, now that I have had the dream, I think this might be a fun project to do in reality.


This would be so cool. I'll be watching for it!

Hmmm....just off the top of my head, I think you'd get a ton of "saying unto them," "going up from," "healing,"
"rebuked them, saying." I think it's very hard to know exactly what Jesus would do in any given situation, but I think the little slogan works well for young people, esp as they are learning to stand up for their beliefs, and to show compassion for others. Then, later, as they age, they get to learn to temper that impulse to help with the more difficult knowledge of how to help wisely...which doesn't always give one the warm fuzzies.....

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