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There May Have Been Zombies

I didn't sleep well last night. I often don't when I have to get up early to catch a train or plane. Light sleeping is a great opportunity for weird dreams and last night didn't disappoint.

I dreamt I was a contestant in some sort of reality show and I was among about 40 or so people in a small town in north central or northwestern Minnesota. Camera crews greeted us when we arrived, but we really had no idea what we were supposed to do and there was no one there to tell us. We were shown to where were supposed to stay, but still no one told us what we were supposed to do, and the locals were equally clueless, but very excited that we were there.

Some people in the group thought that we were supposed to pair up and that it was all about finding a love connection.

Some people thought we were in some sort of survivalist competition. After all, why would we be in Minnesota otherwise?

Some people had no idea why we were there and were getting more and more paranoid with every passing hour.

Some people waited until they were told what to do, which never happened.

Most people apparently believed the reason we were there was to argue about why we were there.

I decided to put on a show.

I tried to get to know everyone in the group, figure out what their talents were, and started to organize a show around their talents. I found a local venue. Spent time talking to the locals. When I found out there was some need in the town, I made it a benefit show and started publicizing it in the around town.

That's about where the dream ended. There was some bad weather and something about a nearby army base. There may have been zombies too, I don't entirely remember. But that's how dreams go. They never really end, they just morph into something else.


Fun fact: I just uploaded this entry while sitting in a train in Tomah, Wisconsin.

That is a dream about resolving existential angst if ever there were.

Yes, Charlotte... my answer to nihilism is Mickey and Judy. We got a barn so, "Hey kids! Let's put on a show!"

I love this dream! Let's write a treatment and pitch it!

If you're thinking of the same movie I think you are Lawrence that was Gene Kelly in it not Mickey. Just had to say because you know what a big Garland fan I was growing up. The move was titled "Summer Stock" by the way. Some really great numbers in that movie and some great dancing by Gene.

I always associate the phrase "Hey kids! Let's put on a show!" with the Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland musicals. Summer Stock was supposed to be one of the series, but was recast. Can't remember why.

What a perfect illustration of the brain at work while you sleep... different parts of you/your mind/your brain processing different aspects of the situation in different ways, and then a decisive emotional decision (limbic system at work) that rallies all the systems to begin working toward the same direction...

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