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Home Office

I'm working from home today because the roads were pretty treacherous up to Two Harbors, but fortunately for me I have a well stocked home office, complete with cubbies to hold such necessities as... Cuthbert. Don't ask me why he likes that basket. He just does.


According to Lolcats, the rule is, "If I fits in it, I sits in it." Our cat especially likes backpacks and registers. Others are apparently really into sinks.

Cuthbert's favorite is lounging luxuriantly across heat radiators, especially where he can lazily gaze out the window. He favors those in the dining room, the kitchen, and in the hall at the top of the stairs.

What would the "LOLCATS" caption for this be?

Hmmm...how about:
Organizashunal skilz--
I has dem.
My hoomin? Not so much...

My guys love checking out icanhascheezburger daily!

I'm in ur offis, shredding ur notez

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