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Be a Guinea Pig and Play Tetris!

tetris.jpgSo, my daughter needs your help. It's for science, so I'm sure it's okay. Here's what she needs you to do by next Tuesday, December 16.

1. Play Tetris.

2. Play Tetris while talking to someone on the phone. Don't talk about the game you're currently playing, though.

3. Send her your scores (off the phone and on the phone). (Also send if you've played Tetris before or not, your age and gender, and where you're playing. (These could be variables that affect the data.))

That's it, really. So, remember, you're not wasting time. You're helping a teenager with her science project.


On an unrelated note-I was off on a whim and wondering if I could raise chickens in Chicago and when I pulled up the answer I got a post by Fuzzy! What a really, really small world it is!

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