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We just wanted veggie lo mein...

So tonight we ordered from our favorite Chinese delivery place, Beijing, and, as usual, Simon wanted some veggie lo mein, so we ordered a quart. Since our order was over $20 we got a free pint of veggie fried rice, which Emma demonstrates.

But they sent us not only a pint of veggie fried rice, but a quart too. But no veggie lo mein. So we called and explained the mistake and they said they'd send a quart of veggie lo mein right away.

The delivery guy arrived in about 20 minutes and I greeted him at the door and said, "This must be the veggie lo mein," and he shrugged and said, "I guess." I brought it in and Emma said, "Wouldn't it be funny if this was more veggie fried rice?"

It was.

So, I called and explained again, through fits and giggles, and they said we have a credit with them for a free quart of veggie lo mein sometime, but they couldn't get one out to us right away.

It's all kind of ridiculous, but we're having a good laugh about it anyway.


So: Veggie fried rice with the turkeytomorrow?

*That's* where my veggie fried rice went! And me here with all this uneaten lo mein...

That's hilarious, but what's so great is that instead of getting cranky about it you take pictures and laugh and post. A good lesson for all. Thanks, Ironic1.

This is what happens when diners assume they know what they want.

Fortunately, Beijing was intuitive enough to know what you *really* wanted, and give you that instead.

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