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I'm guessing Dr. Horrible had these as a kid...

Charlotte sent me a link to the coolest alphabet blocks in the universe, if you are a budding mad scientist, or even if you aren't. They are on sale on etsy by Xylocopa Design.

"A complete list of the images represented by the letters is as follows:
A - Appendages
B - Bioengineering
C - Caffeine
D - Dirigible
E - Experiment
F - Freeze ray
G - Goggles
H - Henchmen
I - Invention
J - Jargon
K - Potassium
L - Laser
M - Maniacal
N - Nanotechnology
O - Organs
P - Peasants (with Pitchforks)
Q - Quantum physics
R - Robot
S - Self-experimentation
T - Tentacles
U - Underground Lair
V - Virus
W - Wrench
X - X-Ray
Y - You, the Mad Scientist of Tomorrow
Z - Zombies"


awesome. i just ordered the octopus necklace for my fiancee from them.

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