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"I'm being tortured in my home by this satanic power, man..."

This is an actual answering machine message left at my church. I have no idea who the guy is.

It's creepy and disturbing but kinda cool in a Tarantinoesque kinda way. I love the guy's voice. I'm not sure if the last two lines are supposed to be a threat or not, but I think they are.


Not to be glib, but someone is apparently off his medication. Did other churches get similar messages? It seemed to me that he was actually referring to the Bible, as in "sword of the spirit," but what do I know? I've been told, and have read, that schizophrenics are not generally dangerous, and the people I've dealt with in my life have not seemed threatening, but still. Do you have an alarm system there?

Yeah, that's a little weird.

Brett thought it sounded threatening. Did you happen to call the police? Not that they can do anything about a phone message, but it might be good to have it on record (and not just youtube).

It is kind of cool, but should it really be posted? It's like encouraging a breather.

Bwahahaha! I see your point fb. I'll take my chances.

By the way, I asked my secretary this morning if she had heard the creepy message and she asked if it was the "doom and gloom" guy again. Apparently he's left messages before and she just erased them.

Also one of the other area pastors who looked at the clip said he has been getting the same kind of messages, usually left early in the morning, every few months or so.

Just an update. I did report this to the local police and it's on file. The officer really appreciated my recording and transcribing it. He said I was doing his job for him.

We're looking into getting caller ID for the church.

Glad you did that. Who knows, maybe it's some guy whose prescription runs out occasionally, or who gets intoxicated and weird sometimes. Still, in light of what happened in Knoxville, it's good to be careful. You could always *69 him, if he's the first call in the am.

We are getting caller ID as of tomorrow.

Filling in the "..." could make for quite a fun game!

"I'm being tortured in my home by this satanic power, man..."

...why did I marry him/her?
...but my in-laws are leaving tomorrow.
...I think I'll move to Duluth.

...inlaws, heh heh heh

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