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I Couldn't Be Prouder

Simon spent this morning making a map for his roleplaying world, deriving its politics and geography from such various sources as World of Warcraft, Eragon, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and, of course, the D&D source material. You may not be able to tell from this photo, but it's done in watercolors with marker for the hand lettering. He explained it all to me in about a half hour and I won't ruin it for him by trying to explain it to you now.

Thanks to my buddy Russ for providing materials and inspiration.

I'm so proud of my geeky son. It makes me a little weepy. Really.


That is awesome. He's so creative and smart, it's scary. Way to go, Simon!

Be sure and save all that for him--his future kids will get a big kick out it! (Maybe his wife, too--I have Brett's teen-age novel and his D&D stuff, too). Truly cool, Simon.

Here's a shirt I think you (and your son) will like!


Love it Alex!

That's great! My son makes stuff like this, but the watercolor really puts this one up a notch.
We're looking forward to the new "Eragon" book. I read the first two out loud to him. I'm afraid he's getting older and will want to read the next one to himself.

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