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Wil Wheaton on Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

I've never seen Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show before, but I'm pretty sure I'm a fan now. Thanks, Wil, for pointing it out to me.


Chief Itchy Balls (Cooking treat with Smell & Force) -- Episode 2

With "Uni-Cow" and "unnecessary hole"

There are 10 episodes (all on YouTube). I will suspend my life until I have seen them all.

I don't git it.
And why does Wesley look like Captain Riker?

Now for something totally unrelated....

Hey Ironic1: Do you know of any temporary housing in Duluth? We're out of our TC house June 25 and into our rectory July 16. Doing the math, we seem to have a small issue.

Thank you in advance,

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