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King of the Geeks


Last night at Geek Prom I was honored with the coveted title of Geek Prom King. My reign will last until next year's Geek Prom.

It was a really fun evening. One of the best parts was to have people come up to me who have only known me from this blog and start to talk with me. Thanks all of you. Last night was amazing. After the coronation when people were congratulating me it was really odd. It was like being congratulated just for being myself because, as you know dear reader, I am a geek.

Thanks to Starfire for the photo above and other Geek Prom photos.


The lovely Heather Lake, myself, and the fabulously talented Krista Schultz. I wish you could see the red and white superhero boots Krista was sporting. Notice Heather's amazingly retro crimped hair style. Priceless.


I finally met Laurie and her husband, who was close on my heels in the running for Geek King. I also met Christina and she has some dandy pictures on her own blog.


Wish we were there! We celebrated our own GP by watching Lawrence Welk and Celtic Thunder and watched Hazel do the spastic dance on the floor.

How did your flock take the news? We were up in TH looking at the house we want to purchase today. Woo!

Looks like you had a good time. It is good to see you have reached your full potiential as King of the Geeks. I knew you had it in ya. We are not worthy.

So cute! Congrats!

It was fun meeting you in person! I feel so proud to know the King of Geeks! I posted some cute pictures of you on Flickr. tagged under geekprom2008

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